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[ProjectA-ReviewSession] Preparation for our first review. — June 17, 2015

[ProjectA-ReviewSession] Preparation for our first review.

Actually, we closed Project A last month however, we decided to hold a review meeting today (2015, June 15). There are several questions each members need to answer and share their experience to the others.

  1. What have you learned from this project?

Well, it ‘s a nice question. Actually, it is the first time I worked with you guys, so the first lesson I learned is how to communicate with the project’s member. Everybody had their time table, I and the other guy always work late (from 12h pm) but our project manager sleep at that time. As a result, we could not communicate well.

2. Current development flow (development, launch, testing > iteration)

I. The old development flow:

a. Development:

Now we are using vagrant. It helps us to create the virtual machine with same configurations among every team members. Hence, we won’t have the different development environments. That’s cool. After that, the developer will test manually by himself when he finished a feature.

b. Testing:

To be honest, we just tested our current feature and we don’t test the old and the others feature. Ohhh we absolutely met the problems here. FIX ME PLEASE. (1)

c. Deployment:

After the develop test manually, project manager will ask them to deploy new features and fixes to the production. The way we did it is copying the lasted code base and replacing the old one. I realise that it is waste time and eventually threw the errors. FIX ME PLEASE. (2)

II. The new development flow:

a. Development:

We still use vagrant beside that, we write unit test and automation test which helps us to solve (1) problem. In addition, we also install jenkin to help use run scripts such as test or deploy script.

b. Testing:

At this point, we have jenkin included unit test, automation test. Beside that, product owner need to involve to manually test.

c. Deployment.

Thanks to jenkin, we can deploy automatically once every tests are passed.

3. Single page app – advantages + disadvantages when developing for FB app. Should you still use it next time?

I. Advantages:

+ Easy to write the client logic with mvc framework (angularjs).

+ Easy to follow the project structure and maintain source code.

II. Disadvantages:

+ Need to load many javascript file

+ Hard to use meta data which used by facebook or twitter.

We should use this next time because we found the way how to solve disadvantages.

[ProjectA-Part1] Ideally first week. — May 17, 2015

[ProjectA-Part1] Ideally first week.

Five weeks ago, we started a project for the big and important client. Our team included one project manager (PM) and two developers. This project’s requirement is an experiences sharing application lived in Facebook page tab.

I. Planning and technologies:

First of all, our PM required us (developers) give him our plan and budget for this project. I started to planning by using Planning Poker method and aimed to finish it within 3 weeks. We also calculated the expenses based on tasks we clarified clearly. After finishing the plan and confirmed the budget, we did some meetings and decided to choose our stack: NodeJS (server-side), AngularJS (client-side), Vagrant (portable development environment).

Why we choose this stack?

1. NodeJS: our development team have two people with different programming backgrounds, my friend especially had a lot of working with Java technologies and he is also familiar with Javascript. On the other hand, I have some experiences with C#, php and Javascript. As a result, NodeJS is the best programming for us.

2. AngularJS: we want to bright to customer a new experience in Single Page Application technology and AngularJS is the suitable choice I think. It’s quite simple and easy to follow, you could work with AngularJS easily event you don’t need to know to much about javascript. I know it has some disadvantages however our application is quite simple, we accepted the challenge.

3. Vagrant: it’s amazing way to work with the team. It helps us to develop easily with the same development environment. Just vagrant up, vagrant provision and enjoy coding. Awesome!!!.

II. Design and development

At this stage, we already had our weapons, let’s rockkk and kill the monsters(tasks). In the first week, everything seems like running smoothy due to we actually did some core functions based on NodeJS. We showed several functions to my PM. We hoped he will be happy which we did during the first week. However, we met this first issue … To be continued.